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Annual Town Meeting

Saturday, May 21, 2022

This year’s Annual Town Meeting is at the Nahant Town Hall, 334 Nahant Rd, Nahant Massachusetts on Saturday the 21st day of May, 2022, for to act on the Articles in the Town Meeting Warrant at 12:30 p.m.

The process prior to Annual Town Meeting has many steps and involves multiple committees. Below, you will find a navigational menu of the process in chronological order.

The first of two Town Meeting Information sessions was held on May 11, 2022. If you would like to watch the recording of that session you can click the link below:

The next Town Meeting Information Session will be Monday May 16, 2022 at 6:30pm. This meeting will be a hybrid style meeting both via ZOOM and in person in the downstairs conference room at the Town Hall. If you would like to join that meeting virtually you can use the ZOOM link below:

To view the electronic version of the 2021 Annual Town Report please click below: We will also have hard copies available at the Town Hall during Town Meeting:

Town of Nahant: Annual Report 2021

Citizens Petitions and Committee requests for Warrant Articles to be included in the Annual Town Meeting Warrant are the first deadline of the Annual Town Meeting process.

The deadline to add articles to the Annual Town Meeting Warrant by Citizens Petition or as a committee request per Town Charter in January 31st.

Submitted Citizens Petition for 2022 Annual Town Meeting:

Warrant Article for DPW Infrastructure Capital – Lowlands Drainage

Petitioners should consult with someone knowledgeable in municipal government, such as a lawyer, the Town Administrator or the Town Moderator, before drafting a proposed Article and gathering the signatures to insert an Article on the Warrant.

Petitioner will be listed as the sponsor of the Article on the Warrant and should be the first-named voter to sign this petition.

Selectmen will print the proposed Article in the Warrant verbatim; petitioner and citizens signing are advised to review the language carefully.

The Community Preservation Committee’s process begins in early January and continues simultaneously with the process of the Board of Selectmen and the Advisory Finance Committee.

The deadline to submit a Community Preservation Act Application is the end of January each year per the Community Preservation Act.

To find a comprehensive list of applications submitted for FY23, visit the Community Preservation Committee page.

The Board of Selectmen draft the first version of the Omnibus Budget and submit it to the Advisory & Finance Committee. The Omnibus Budget voted on at Annual Town Meeting is the version prepared by the Advisory & Finance Committee after reviewing the draft developed by the Board of Selectmen.

The Board of Selectmen draft the Annual Town Meeting Warrant and submit it to the Advisory & Finance Committee for their recommendations. The Warrant voted on at Annual Town Meeting is the final version developed by the Board of Selectmen and includes the articles submitted by the Community Preservation Committee and timely filed Citizens Petitions and Committee Article requests.

Omnibus Budget

Signed Annual Town Meeting Warrant May 21, 2022
Annual Town Meeting Warrant

The Advisory & Finance Committee receive the Board of Selectmen’s draft of the Omnibus Budget and develop their version of the Omnibus Budget to be voted on at the Annual Town Meeting. The Advisory & Finance Committee review the Board of Selectmen’s final version of the Annual Town Meeting Warrant and draft recommendations that are included in their published report. The published report is available below for download and will be delivered to the residency of registered voters in Nahant seven days prior to the Annual Town Meeting.

Report and Recommendations of the Advisory and Finance Committee

Last Day to Register to vote at Annual Town Meeting

The Last day to Register to Vote at Town Meeting is Friday, April 29, 2022.

You must be a registered voter in Nahant in order to be eligible to vote on Warrant articles at the May 21, 2022 Annual Town Meeting.

If you are new to town, or you have never registered to vote, (you only have to do it once in the same community).  Check your voter Registration Status here. Registration is easy…click here to register on line with a valid MA driver’s license or a State issued ID card. Another option is to download the voter registration form here.  After completion, you can mail it or deposit it into the Town Hall Business Mailbox that is located in front of Town Hall.

The Town Clerk’s office will be open from 9 AM until 8 PM by appointment.  Please contact the Town Clerk at (781) 581-0018 or to schedule an appointment

The voter registration must be received no later than 8 PM at Town Hall, or if you register on line, no later than 11:59 PM.  Once the registration has been received by the Town Clerk’s staff, an acknowledgment letter will be mailed to you.

As always, please feel free to contact the Town Clerk’s Office with any questions or concerns you may have at 781-581-0018 or through email: