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Applying for a Permit

Instructions for Applying for Permits Online

  1. Register with our online system “Permit Pro”
  2. Once Registered you must Log In
  3. Select the Type of Permit you are applying for
  4. Fill out Address Information
  5. Fill out Application Form
  6. Submit Application and Supporting Documentation

You must submit the following Supporting Documents:

All Permits:

  • Workman’s Comp Certificate: Homeowners filing for a permit assume responsibility thru their homeowners insurance.

Building Permits:

  • Active Contractor Licenses: Even if you are a homeowner applicant and not doing the work yourself.
  • A Complete Set of Building Plans: Plans must be drawn to scale and stamped by an architect. If submitting online, permits must be no larger than 11×17. The Building Inspector may request a larger set of architectural drawings.
  • A Stamped, Property Site Plan: Plans must indicating graphic scale and North arrow, showing relationship to abutting streets, with an accurate size and location of existing buildings and parking spaces.

For Plumbing, Electrical, Gas and Sheet Metal Permits:

  • Current Licenses and Proof of Liability Insurance: Submission of these documents not required for Plumbing or sheet metal permits.

Click here to file for a New Permit.

Obtaining a Copy of a Past Permit

Please contact us directly to request a copy of a Building Permit from our archive covering 2005 until 2015. Most Permits 2008 to the present are available within our Online Permitting System.

Click on the “ Public Information on Historical and Active Permits” and fill in the address search.

Click Here To Search For A Past Permit.

Any questions please contact K.K. Sherber at or call Inspectional Services at (781) 581-5263.