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Our Beaches

Canoe Beach Restoration Update | May 17, 2017

As of May 17th, the west end of Canoe Beach on East Point has been re-opened for resident use following a beach nourishment project conducted over the off-season. 

In order to allow for resident use and enjoyment of Canoe Beach during the summer months, Northeastern University, along with the Nahant Conservation Commission and Selectmen, have decided to place the project on hold, while a determination is made on how the remainder of the work will be completed. 

Nahant has many beaches that offer year round opportunities for young and old. Here’s a list, some are named more than once…can you guess which ones?

Long Beach… Black Rock Beach… Short Beach… Stoney Beach… Forty Steps Beach… Bass Beach… Canoe Beach… Petticoat Beach… Thomas Beach… Joseph’s Beach… Longfellow Beach… Curlew Beach… Crystal Beach… Willow Beach… Tudor Beach…Pond Beach

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Black Rock Beach | Canoe Beach | Forty Steps Beach  | Short Beach  | Tudor Beach 

Nahant Beach Reservation (DCR) North of Bathhouse | Flagpole | Parking Section 9 | South Site 

Lynn Shore and Nahant Beach Reservation