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Trash and Recycling

Trash and Recycling delay week of Veterans Day 2022; see below.

****There will be delay in trash/recycling pick up the week of Veterans Day 2022. If your pick up is normally on Thursdays, there will be no change that week. If your pick up is normally on Fridays, then the pick up will be changed to Saturday November 12, 2022 for that week only. Please call the DPW at 781-581-0026 if you have any questions****


As of November 1, 2022, per a new state rule, mattresses must be recycled. Waste Management will no longer be able to accept mattresses and textiles with the trash. The Town of Nahant does not have another hauler that will pick up mattresses or textiles or a bin for drop off. However there are many other options and vendors that will pick up or you can find a location to drop of the items or a location to donate the mattress.

Please read the MASS DEP Mattress and Textile Waste Ban FAQ Sheet which will give more information and explain the ban further. The websites listed below will also bring you to a list of haulers that service the Nahant area and locations that will accept mattress donations.

Mattress Pick Up:

Mattress Donation sitesThrift & Secondhand Stores Near You in Saugus, MA 01906 | Savers or Bread of Life (

Black Earth Composting will collect textiles and residents with membership are eligible for a $20 abatement on their town trash fee.

Nahant Trash Pick Up and Recycling Is Every Thursday and Friday!

Trash must be out to the curb by 7AM. You can use any kind of trash barrel you choose, however you must use the Town issued Recycling Barrel for your Recycling. See below for more information

September 2022: The latest trash bill was recently sent out and you will see that bill attached to your water/sewer bill. If you would like to apply for an abatement the form is below which will show further instructions for that process and where/how to submit.

Waste Management is responsible for the trash removal and recycling program for the Town of Nahant. Recycling is every week along with the regular trash pick up. Trash and Recycling must be out to the curb by 7 AM.

Please call (800) 972-4545 if your trash or recycling was not picked up.

Recycling Information
Please make sure that your recyclables are not in a plastic bag and keep in mind what can and cannot be recycled. Visit for information. Thank you!


If you are in need of an additional recycling barrel, you may purchase it for $60 by filling out the following form and provide to Mary Lowe by email ( or by mail (Mary Lowe, Nahant Town Hall, 334 Nahant Road, Nahant MA 01908) or deliver to the Town Hall:

If you are having trouble with the size of your current 65 gallon recycling barrel, you may swap it for a 35 gallon barrel for free. The Town purchased smaller recycling barrels for the elderly, disabled, and those that cannot maneuver the 65 gallon barrel. However, the smaller barrels are limited and returning the Nahant issued 65 gallon barrel is required to receive the free 35 gallon barrel. Please fill out the following form and provide to Mary Lowe by email ( or by mail (Mary Lowe, Nahant Town Hall, 334 Nahant Road, Nahant MA 01908) or deliver to the Town Hall:

If you have lost your barrel or if your barrel requires repairs, please contact Mary Lowe at the Town Hall by phone via (781) 581-0026 or by email (