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Town Administrator

The position of Town Administrator was established by a Legislative Act in 1992.

The position of Town Administrator is appointed by the Board of Selectmen. The Town Administrator’s Office provides general administrative support to the Board of Selectmen.

The Town Administrator is responsible for the management of all town departments, all town funds, and for providing support to the various appointed boards and committees.

The Town Administrator is also responsible for the continual review of policies and programs in an effort to provide improved services. The Administrator and staff is responsible for the coordination of activities leading up to the annual Town Meeting as well as a variety of other public hearings and forums.

Town Administrator Appointments

Boards and Committees

ADA Coordinator
Beautification Committee
Board of Appeals
Cable TV Advisory
Cemetery Committee
Coast Guard Committee
Conservation Commission
Council on Aging
Cultural Council
Emergency Management
Golf Course Committee
Handicapped Access Study
Harbormaster and Assistants
Harbor and Marine Advisory

Health Department
Historical Commission
MBTA Representative
Noise Abetment
Ocean Rescue
Board of Registrars
Town Counsel
Tree Warden
Veterans Agent/Grave Office
Veterans Memorial Committee
Wharfinger and Assistant
Zoning Board