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About MEMA

MEMA’s role is to coordinate all resources of the Commonwealth to avert or combat the effects of disaster, either natural or man-made.

The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency has an extensive website with information on both the local and state levels. Topics range from Emergency Information and Preparedness to Training and Event News.

Emergency Levels Explained

  • Level 1: Day-to-Day Emergency: Local response capability can handle the situation. No assistance is required. Situation is being monitored by the State.
  • Level 2: Minor Emergency: Situation intensifies. Some State assistance may be required. The Executive Office of Public Safety (EOPS) and the Governor’s Office are notified.
  • Level 3: Major Emergency: Local response capabilities are inadequate. Situation requires State response assistance and possible Federal assistance. State Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is activated. The Governor declares a State Of Emergency.
  • Level 4: Catastrophic Emergency: Widespread threats to public safety exist. Large scale State and Federal response and recovery assistance is required.