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Notice by the Planning Board Seeking Presentations from Nahant Residents on Issues Related to Short-Term Rentals

Given its mandate, the Planning Board has decided to hold a public forum on Tuesday, September 20, at 6 pm in Conference Room No. 2 on the lower level of Town Hall (the public forum will also be on zoom).  The purpose of this forum is to enhance the Planning Board’s perspective on short-term rentals so that it can provide initial suggestions and recommendations to the members of the Short-Term Rental By-Law Advisory Committee established at the last Town meeting.

The Planning Board is seeking representative members of the public to make a 5-7 minute presentations on their views on short-term rentals, and has asked the Chairman of the Planning Board, Rob Steinberg, to select these presenters based on his discretion as well as review of proposed written statements of position to be submitted to him by no later than September 12, 2022.  The Planning Board anticipates the Chairman will select 5-6 presenters, and has charged the Chairman to identify presenters with a diversity of viewpoints. The written statement of position should be no more than two pages long but may contain attachments in support of the presenter’s arguments.

 If you are interested in presenting a position on short-term housing to the Planning Board at the September 20, 2022, public meeting, please submit your written statement to

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