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Weekly Recycling Information

Single Stream Recycling: Single Stream Recycling is approved by the DEP. Recyclables are collected in a regular rubbish truck, transported to the FCR facility where it is sorted into various items, i.e. paper, plastic, glass etc. Rather than sorting at the curb, it is done at the processing facility. A traditional recycling truck will be used in some areas, but please do not be concerned if you see the men load recyclables into a rubbish vehicle.

What Is Acceptable: Acceptable Waste means all that non-hazardous household garbage, trash, rubbish, refuse and offal that is normally collected from and/or disposed of the individual residential customer. Such Acceptable Waste may not include such oversized household items and white goods. Acceptable Waste may also include items of discarded tangible personal property such as bicycles, baby carriages, beds, mattresses, sofas, etc.

Paper: All news, inserts and magazines, along with any office paper, mail, and junk mail. Cardboard boxes, not coated with wax, tied and bundled in 2 foot squares, any kind of boxboard, which would be cereal boxes, etc. flattened. Pizza boxes without old pizza and the wax paper inside. Milk and orange juice cartons may be recycled.

Co-Mingled Containers: All #1-7 plastic and glass containers. This means that one time it held the contents of a product, not molded plastic, or plate glass etc.

Aluminum/Tin: Must have held the contents of a product at one time soda, food, etc. No aerosol cans , sheet metal, steel from cars, etc.

What Is Not Acceptable: Explosives, pathological or biological waste, hazardous chemicals, hazardous wastes, radioactive materials, oil sludge, cesspool or other human waste, human and animal remains, motor vehicles, farm and other large machinery, liquid wastes, non-burnable construction material and/or demolition debris, hazardous refuse of any kind, such as cleaning fluids, crank case oils, cutting oils, paints, acids, caustics, poisons or drugs, any material banned from disposal at a waste to energy facility by the State of Massachusetts or any other material that our trash/recycling vendor determines would be likely to pose a threat to health or safety or the environment, or which might cause damage to or adversely affect the operation of the facility.

In addition to what is NOT ACCEPTABLE

  • Styrofoam: Styrofoam is not acceptable. Place Styrofoam in barrel with your trash.
  • Plastic bags: Plastic bags are not acceptable. Take plastic bags to your local supermarket for recycling.
  • Paints: Latex paints may be left at curbside only if completely dried out, or the liquid in the can has been completely absorbed by kitty litter type material which you have put into the paint. Oil paints are not acceptable and must be taken to a hazardous material disposal location.

Need a recycling bin? No need to buy one, just stop by Town Hall and pick up a free green “recycle” sticker and attach it to any trash barrel. This is very helpful since the small blue bins overflow easily.

We hope this update will help provide current information as we continue to improve on the services provided to our residents. Please let us know if you have further questions about our trash removal and recycling program.