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Curbside Recycling

What Goes In vs. What Does Not

Aluminum – Empty and Rinse

Cans Metal/Aluminum siding
Aluminum foil (no food!) Scrap metal
Pie pans Foil-wrapped beverage pouches (Capri Sun)
Aluminum trays Pots & pans

Steel (Tin) Cans – Labels Do NOT Need To Be Removed

Food and beverage cans (metal lids OK) Tools, scrap metal, toys (metal), pots & pans, appliances, car parts, fuel tanks, pipes
Pet food, soup cans (metal lids OK) Hangers – wire hangers can be returned to dry cleaners for re-use.
EMPTY aerosol spray cans (food, laundry, beauty) Aerosol spray cans that contained hazardous products: spray paint, insecticides, etc. – even if empty.
Beer and soda bottle caps Paint cans – oil paints can be brought to a Household Hazardous Waste Day. Latex paints should be dried out to be taken with curbside trash collection. Even empty paint cans should not be put in curbside recycling.
Metal lids from jars  

Glass – Empty and Rinse / Labels Do NOT Need To Be Removed

Food and beverage bottles and jars
Wine corks, eye glasses, vases – return to florist, fluorescent lights, glass art, holiday lights, trash or other
Medicine bottles (empty and rinsed)
Baking dishes, dishware, cookware (Pyrex), drinking glasses, broken glass, windows, light bulbs – incandescent only, coffee mugs, plate glass mirrors


Milk and juice cartons (plastic spout OK) Foil-wrapped pouches (Capri Sun) – bring to 1st Saturdays
Soymilk, soup and drink boxes (remove straws – dispose of in trash) Frozen juice cartons
  Frozen food packaging

Paper – Clean Paper Only / Flatten Boxes

Newspaper, inserts, magazines, junk mail Paper cups
White, colored, glossy, and construction paper Paper plates
Corrugated cardboard, clean pizza boxes (no grease or food) Frozen juice cartons
Boxboard (ie: cereal boxes) Take-out containers (ie: Chinese food take-out boxes)
Gift wrap, gift bags, cards, gift tissue paper (no metallic inks, foil, wire, glitter) Paper towels, naptins, tissues
Paperback books* and phonebooks Tyvek or padded envelopes
Butter, margarine boxes Hardcover books*
Soda, beer cartons Stickers & sticker sheeting, backing from postal stamps and labels
Egg cartons Glossy boxes that show white strangds when torn (frozen food boxes)
  Blueprint paper
  Dirtied paper (pet waste, paint)
  *note: hardcover books, as well as paperback books can have another life by being donated to local libraries.