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Water Conservation Resources

MWRA Annual Report

The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) will soon be mailing to every household our annual report on your drinking water quality. Look for the “Tap Into Water” report in the mail during June.

The report, required by federal law, provides the results of extensive testing by both MWRA and your local water department of 2002. The news is good – from the Quabbin Reservoir all the way to the tap – test results show excellent drinking water quality.

Over the next two years, MWRA will be completing several large new facilities designed to improve the regional water system reliability and security. These include a new ozone treatment plant, the 18-mile MetroWest Tunnel, covered storage tanks, and pipeline improvements. The two-year start-up of these new improvements begins this fall, representing the biggest advances in the regional water supply in many decades.



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