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Nahant Board of Selectmen Charter & Bylaws

CHARTER: 3 Members; 3-Year Staggered Terms

(a) Composition, term of office: There shall be a Board of Selectmen consisting of three (3) members elected for three (3)-year overlapping terms, so that the term of office of one member expires each year.

(b) Powers and duties: The executive powers of the Town shall be vested in the Board of Selectmen. The Board of Selectmen shall have all of the executive powers given to Boards of Selectmen by general law, or otherwise, shall serve as the chief policy-making agency of the Town, and shall be responsible for the establishment of policy directive and guidelines to be followed by all Town agencies serving under it. It shall have the general direction and management of the property and affairs of the Town in all matters not otherwise provided for by this constitution, by-laws, or law, and it shall be the agent of the Town to institute, prosecute, defend and compromise any and all claims, actions and proceedings on behalf of or against the Town, or in which the interests of the Town are, or may be, involved. It shall negotiate all contracts involving collective bargaining within its jurisdiction. It shall cause a record of all its official acts to be kept.

(c) Appointing powers: The Board of Selectmen shall appoint the Town Accountant, the Registrars of Voters and other election officials, the Conservation Commission, the Board of Appeals and the members of all other multiple-member bodies
required to be appointed by it by by-law or for whom no other method of selection is provided by this charter or otherwise.

(d) Licensing authority: The Board of Selectmen shall be the license board of the Town and shall have the power to issue licenses, to make all necessary rules and regulations regarding the issuance of such licenses and to attach conditions and impose restrictions thereto as it deems to be in the public interest, and to enforce the laws relating to all business for which it issues licenses.

(e) Other powers: The Board of Selectmen shall have the powers and duties which now, or from time to time, shall be vested in the following boards and offices: highway surveyor, water commissioners, sewer commissioners, cemetery commissioners, tree warden and Board of Health. The Selectmen shall appoint a Superintendent of Public Works and shall fix his compensation, provided that it shall not exceed the amount appropriated therefor by the Town. He shall administer, under the supervision of and direction of the Selectmen, a Department of Public Works and the highway, water, sewer, cemetery, tree warden and health departments. He shall also administer, under their supervision as the Selectmen, such other departments under their supervision as the Selectmen may designate, except the fire and police. He shall be responsible for the
administration of all departments within the scope of his duty, and shall hold office subject to the will of the Selectmen. He shall be specially fitted by education, training and experience to perform the duties of said office. He may or may not be a resident of
the Town when appointed. During his tenure, he shall hold no other elective or appointive office, nor shall be engaged in any other business or occupation. He shall give bond to the Town for the faithful performance of his duties in such sum, upon such
conditions and with surety or sureties as the Selectmen may require, the expenses of such bond to be borne by the Town, and shall, subject to the approval of the Selectmen, appoint such assistants, agents and employees as the performance of the duties of the various departments under his supervision may require.