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Storm Precautions

Hurricane season generally lasts between August through October. Beside high winds, you can expect higher than normal tidal conditions, rough seas and tidal surges in excess of ten feet. Plan well ahead of the storm and be prepared. Get your boat out of the water if at all possible and place well away from areas of storm surges and high water.

Make storm plans with your boat hauler, or a marina in the event of a storm. If you are unable to have your boat hauled or move to a more sheltered location, you should double up on your pennant with additional lines, increase your moorings scope, place storm anchors, etc. Remember the Town Ramp will be extremely busy. If you can’t haul your vessel:

You should remove from your boat:

  • All sails, roller furling, etc.
  • All dodgers, biminis and enclosures
  • Antennas and electronics
  • All removable equipment (rafts, deck chairs, boxes, etc.)
  • Ship’s papers and all valuables
  • Portable fuel tanks (gasoline and propane)
  • Pump bilges dry and remove fresh water from holding tanks.
  • Batteries should be fully charged, pump switches and intake aren’t jammed and work freely.
  • Check and add chafing gear.
  • Secure all hatches, windows, port holes, sea cocks. Shut off fuel lines to engine and cooking appliances.

Once Your Boat Is Secured, Leave. Never Stay With Your Boat During The Storm