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Alternative Energy Study Resources and Links

Energy Audits


Emission Estimates, EIA Conservation

Wind Power Technology


Other Energy

Energy Source Comparisons

Grant and Regulatory Organizations

Information on Electricity Restructuring

  • Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company: The organization serving the interests of the 40 municipally-owned utilities.
  • Independent System Operator: Our independent system operator holds regular meetings (this needs to be confirmed) to inform the public on matters of electricity, training sessions designed to introduce beginners to the science of electricity pricing and distribution.
  • New England Power Pool: Formed in 1971, the New England Power Pool is a voluntary association of entities that are engaged in the electric power business in New England.
  • US Department of Energy: Renewable Energy Tax Credits or Renewable Energy Production Incentives

Federal Wind Subsidies

  • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission: The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission regulates and oversees energy industries in the economic and environmental interest of the American public.

Local Community Organizations

  • Healthlink: HealthLink is a Massachusetts North Shore citizens group working to improve public health.
  • Salem Alliance for Environment: (SAFE) is a group dedicated to addressing environmental issues through education, advocacy, and community organizing.


  • Patrick Mehr (e-mail): Lexington Electric Utility Committee charged with getting rid of NSTAR and establishing a new Municipal Power Company in Lexington. In the process of changing statute to allow for utility buy-outs.