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Advisory and Finance Committee


The Advisory and Finance Committee’s prime responsibility is to make recommendations regarding financial matters, including the budget, in prep for Annual Town Meeting.  The Advisory and Finance Committee issues advisories and recommendations on municipal and financial matters on behalf of the taxpayers. 

In Nahant, members of the Advisory and Finance Committee are appointed by the Town Moderator*. Months before the Annual Town Meeting, the Advisory and Finance Committee meets with the Town Administrator and individual department personnel to assess the sources and uses of funds required to manage the town on behalf of its residents. 

The committee also prepares the Report and Recommendations of the Advisory and Finance Committee.  The Committee, in its advisory role, makes a recommendation of support or opposition on almost every article which is to appear before Town Meeting. The rationale for each recommendation is included in order to provide voters with additional information to assist them in making their individual voting decisions. 

The Advisory and Finance Committee’s report is distributed to all residences at least 7 days prior to the Annual Town Meeting, which is held the last Saturday in April.

Aerial drone shot over Little Nahant in the seaside community of Nahant, MA.